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We're an artist residency in the south of Italy.

Fap is a space for the creation and production of contemporary art. It is an active container through which we promote emerging and experimental artistic forms. FAP is an art-in-residence program, a vital laboratory. We provide time for research, reflection and production. We allow artists to experiment their practice within a new landscape and community. Our space is a historical building located in the middle of the Picentini Regional Mountain Park. It has been witness of many generations and important meetings during the period of the Italian unification. Far from contemporary art official circuits we aim to build paths and experiences of creation encouraging relations between minds and cultures. Every artist will be an agent of transformation in this small village of the south of Italy and within the walls of this house. We share ideas, intuitions, inspirations, convictions and love.
Coordination > Chiara Caterina, Caroline Houben | Head of scientific committee and artistic advisor > Enzo Pezzella, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels | Production and organization > Domenico Caterina, Julie Dewas, Francesco Napoli, Carla Pericoli | Legal advisor and financial manager > Domenico Caterina |

Prof. Stefania Zuliani > Università degli studi di Salerno | Prof. Alfonso Amendola > Università degli studi di Salerno | Prof. Muriel Andrin > Université Libre de Bruxelles | Fanny&Alexander, Ravenna | Prof. Angus Carlyle > Crisap, University of the Arts, London | Prof. Vincenzo Esposito > Università degli studi di Salerno | Prof. Stephan Balleux > Artist > Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles |

Maria Pia Masella | Flaviana Frascogna |Davide Speranza | Emanuela Adinolfi |

Paolo Zoccola | Stefano Bottiglieri | Michele Noschese | Isabella Bellini | Carmine Di Muro | Sabatino Procida | Francesco Mele | Fabrizio Parrilli | Francesco Barbarito | Federica Di Muro | Patrizio De Rosa |
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Fondazione Aurelio Petroni
Largo Francesco Petrone, San Cipriano Picentino (Sa), Italy
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